An accurate quantitative understanding of the risks and the analysis of insurance cover let identify the priorities for improving the systems of prevention and protection of risks.


OXERISK analyses the pool of policies – currently subscribed by the customer – with the aim of highlighting both congruences and incongruities with respect to the most effective contract types generally offered by the insurance market, and to the characteristics of the Customer itself.


The result of the preliminary assessment leads to an “Insurance Report”, highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses of the contracts. In addition, the report highlights potential areas of risk – not currently covered by insurance solutions, indicating whether to resort to further insurance contracts.


Taking advantages of statistical simulation tools estimating the future losses associated with the occurrence of a particular event and defining all possible risk alternatives, OXERISK‘s operating team proceeds with the preparation of the insurance project, which also takes into account the available financial resources of the customer and provides the best budget allocation for risk management.


These operations are customized to meet the needs and characteristics of each customer and, over time, result in reduced risk exposure and greater protection against business threats, contributing to safeguard assets, to improve business performance and to increase profits.