The effectiveness and appropriateness of an insurance cover occur when the risk, against which you are assured, is manifest. To move from the “accident” to the “compensation”, it is necessary for the insured to engage in activities and to comply with procedural obligations, regarding which noncompliance may lead to jeopardize the insurance coverage itself. The obligations to which we refer are covered by specific articles of the “General Terms of Insurance” of the various policies, but it is not always easy – as a matter of urgency – to track the rules that are relevant to them.


OXERISK’s Legal & Claims Unit is dedicated to managing claims as customer’s representative against Companies, to ensure the fair value of the liquidation, streamline the process and its execution time.


Ordinary claims management is guaranteed by the Claims Manager and its team of experts, setting up their skills and competencies to achieve the best result for our customers.


To minimize the tasks to be fulfilled by customers and, at the same time, to ensure constant monitoring of the taken measures and of the state of progress of each individual claim, OXERISK has devised dedicated procedures:


  • Analysis and consult: upon receiving a report / complaint from the Customer, we perform a “Preliminary Analysis” of the prejudicial event in order to classify it, and to outline adequate management methods.
  • Claims communication among all the involved actors;
  • Handling of the claim process: in the management of the claim, we maintain a constant monitoring of the state of instruction / advancement of the practice, and we ensure that you are kept up-to-date on how the claim is progressing.


To provide the necessary IT support to customers and to facilitate communication among many involved players, OXERISK provides a dedicated Internet area – accessible through personal passwords – from which it is possible to have access to various useful services for managing the claims.


The IT system aims to make the whole process of claims management more efficient, performing consultative and statistical analysis more in-depth.