OXERISK constantly invests in new technologies to collaborate with customers and manage risks in more efficient and effective ways. Indeed, through a global computerized risk management process, OXERISK has established a few risk control IT tools.


Aiming at eliminating the operational issues of the insurance industry, we use integrated solutions within the Information Technology with the application of the most up-to-date technologies offered by the market, with the help of specialist partners. Within these targets, OXERISK uses the following systems:


  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): it can handle every single position by highlighting all the information related to the client, in addition to the view of the documents received and/or sent;
  • Electronic Protocol: it is the Incoming and Outgoing Document Flow Management System by assigning documents to a unique identifier number. It enables to record the sending and receiving documents by associating with the protocol the digitized image of the original document;
  • Genias: is the management softwarechose for the administrative management of the portfolio;
  • AOL (Company On-Line): It is the system that allows OXERISK to be transparent with the Customers. Following the authentication process, the client has access to its data as contained in the databases. Through this system, Customer’s staff can verify the position of individual claims, progress status, and can display the image of all archived documents. The system ensures to always have the latest real-time data available, even for OXERISK professionals outside the office.


These personalized and safe IT supports help to effectively share information, have easy access to key documents, reduce the time for receiving documents, and get quick and instant access to Market Security related to the insurance companies. It also enables OXERISK to inform its customers about legislative changes and market conditions.