“The Client is the King”




There are men and women who devote all their resources to make a business.


But every day this wonderful adventure is exposed to innumerable risks.


Our mission is to help these people to REDUCE any risk … whenever possible



OXERISK qualifies the client as a partner to talk with to understand the needs, and the technical and economic expectations.


Our philosophy is absolutely Customer Oriented. This means that customer satisfaction and serenity are the main goals to achieve.


The Company alongside its customers put effort into highlighting all opportunities of intervention to eliminate, mitigate or relocate the risks to which they are exposed.

OXERISK can find on the market (national and international) the insurance coverage required to protect its customers, to this end.


This commitment requires the involvement and participation of everyone in the pursuit of coherent and measurable objectives such as:

  • Consolidate the certification of our management system for the planning and distribute of insurance brokerage and claims management, stimulating the culture of systematic organization of activities and improving business performance;
  • Effectively manage any spotted non-conformities;
  • Continual striving for to persistent improvement;
  • Enhance the expertise of our staff, capable of interpreting market signals, regulatory requirements and customer requirements to offer high quality services and technical specialization;
  • Strengthen the relationship with the customer, also through the provision of additional services, with a view to trustworthy and constructive cooperation.