A team of specialists with a vocation to excellence.

OXERISK was founded in 2010 by its director Alberto De Santis, operating in the insurance sector since 1990.


The Anglo-Saxon approach, strongly wanted by Alberto De Santis, has allowed OXERISK to become, in a very short time, a particularly respected entity on the corporate market.


The operating method of OXERISK team is always aimed at determining the most appropriate risk management strategies, in order to protect its customers from the risks that unavoidably may damage them. Today, more than ever, in an increasingly globalized and complex economy, no company, no businessman, no professional can afford economic repercussions and hitches of their business due to unforeseen events.


OXERISK supports its customers and their managers to identify the risks that may affect their activities, to check their chances of occurrence, to initiate prevention and mitigation processes, and to identify the best solutions for their transfer.


To prevent any form of risk and to get the best insurance performance


In order to satisfy the needs of customers, the company has introduced experts and specialized units within its organization, creating areas of Strategic Marketing & Communication, Legal & Claims and Underwriter.

In addition, it has developed an interactive Web platform to consolidate synergy with its customers.

At the same time, it has increased its risk management activities (collegamento cliccando alla 1 pagina con spiegazione di cos’è il risk management), by setting up a specific operating unit to enter the European market in a level playing field.


In pursuit of the goals and respect of OXERISK’s innovative philosophy – also recognized by important Universities – in 2012 OXERISK acquired Lean Compliance®, an integrated system for managing risks related to the regulatory compliance, and for defining and implementing rules to fulfil all the obligations – compulsory and voluntary – to which the organization is subject to, up till conducing to the ISO 9001 certification.